If you just want to live in a brand new suburban cul de sac in Utah County, there are plenty of real estate agents that can help you make that a reality. But if you’re looking for a productive, self-sufficient property, very few people truly understand the space.

I founded Utah Homestead Properties in 2016, with one goal in mind: To help you buy and sell self-sufficient real estate in Utah. I specialize in properties that produce food, water, and energy for their residents. I’m a licensed real estate agent in the state of Utah (license #10137240-SA00), a Certified Permaculture Designer (Whole Systems Design 2015), and a homestead expert.

No other real estate agent in the state evaluates properties the way I do. I use my 19-step checklist to ensure that properties meet or exceed the criteria that you will need to accomplish your self-sufficiency goals. Whether you need to be smack dab in the middle of downtown, or want 100 acres in the wilderness, my job is to make sure that you have a full picture of the self-sufficient potential of your property.

I look at soil, solar exposure, vegetation, slope, water potential, and lots of other factors. I also look at local laws on the books that either prevent or allow things like chickens and other livestock, shooting guns (obviously not allowed anywhere in the city), and hunting.

If you are looking to be partially or completely grid-independent, I have contacts that I can refer you to for well-drilling, solar, wind power, micro hydro, geothermal, greenhouses, outdoor wood boilers, and more. If you would like to purchase raw land and then build your own home on it, I have construction contacts that build with insulated concrete forms, structural insulated panels, straw bales, shipping containers, cabins, and several other self-sufficient housing styles.

Send me a quick email, and let me know what you have in mind. If we’re a good fit, I’d love to work with you. And even if we’re not, I’m still happy to offer my best suggestions, advice, and point you in the right direction.

Look forward to meeting you,

Dan Carpenter
Founding Partner, Utah Homestead Properties